solo violin, 2(II=picc/alto)2(II=bcl)2(II=ca)2-2210-02-hp-strings

Duration: 19'

commissioned by BBC Radio 3, Lahti Symphony Orchestra and Norrlandsoperan

premiere November 3, 2023, Barbican Centre, Ilya Gringolts and the BBC SO conducted by Roderick Cox

published by Fennica Gehrman

  1. О чем — поэты, любовники, полководцы? (So what have you to say, O poet, general, lover?)

  2. Word Stress

  3. Prosody (BWV 1011 & Bergman) – Kaija Saariaho in memoriam

Listen to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast of the concert premiere:

“How refreshing to hear a composer confidently writing music that the audience strained to hear, the resultant effect all the more powerful for this restraint. Here Wennäkoski was reflecting linguistic instructions inspired by ‘prosody’ – the word referring to the musical properties of speech: rhythm, pitch, stress and pauses. Her focus gave the work a moving humanity, a concerto where wordless instrumental voices spoke with great intensity. (—) A concerto with an appealing economy and frank musical language, Prosoidia deserves a regular place in the repertoire.”    (Ben Hogwood at