Lelele – monodrama about sex trafficking and forced prostitution


soprano, clarinet, violoncello and accordion

Duration: 30’

text in English from Siddharth Kara’s book Sex Trafficking (inside the Business of Modern Slavery), Columbia University Press 2009 (libretto compiled by the composer)

commissioned by Plus Ensemble

premier February 5, 2011, Musica Nova Helsinki

Pia Freund and Plus Ensemble

Elina Brotherus (videos), Anna-Mari Karvonen (director), Max Wikström (sound design and lighting), Masi Tiitta (costumes)

also performed at Warsaw Autumn (2011), MaerzMusik Berlin (2011) and Huddersfield Festival (2012)

available at Music Finland:

Lelele-excerpt 1


Lelele-excerpt 2