harp solo

Duration: 4'

commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music as part of the 200 PIECES project

premier November 17, 2022 Huw Boucher, Royal Academy of Music, London

published by Fennica Gehrman

Harp is a very special instrument, the logic of which is not easily grasped by non-harpists. I’ve written my harp concerto Sigla in close collaboration with Sivan Magen, who also gave the premiere with Finnish RSO and Nicholas Collon in May 2022. Soon after that I was – to my pleasure and honour – asked to write a solo piece for the Royal Academy of Music 200 pieces project celebrating the bicentenary of the Academy. Segla for harp solo was premiered by Huw Boucher in London on November 17th, 2022. I wish to thank both Sivan and Huw for their helpful cooperation.

In Segla the concerto’s material is reorganized and developed further. The title means ”to sail” in Swedish. At the times, the music gently sways on the waves – one might hear some spindrifts as well.